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Brookview Station and Hudson-Chatham wineries Introduce HUDSON VALLEY CIDER KIR ROYALE!

October 13, 2012




 Tastings throughout valley! (Ghent, NY) October 13, 2012 – The Hudson Valley is the number one producer of artisanal cassis in North America. More than 20,000 bottles of cassis are produced each year! But the Hudson Valley is also home to one of the largest cider producing regions in North America as well. In an effort to help promote CIDER WEEK (October 12- 21, 2012), and in cooperation with the Hudson Valley cider makers, the cassis producers are announcing the HUDSON VALLEY CIDER KIR ROYALE!

A Hudson Valley Cider Kir Royale is a fabulous way to enjoy the fall scenery, and is an exceptional way to start off your holiday season!!! What better way to get your friends and family into the holiday spirit than to pour four parts Hudson Valley cider with one part Hudson Valley cassis!

To launch this new drink, three Hudson Valley wineries are pouring Hudson Valley Cider Kir Royales for tasting – Brookview Station Winery, Hudson-Chatham Winery, and Warwick Valley Winery. All three wineries pour their own ciders and make their own cassis. They will be pouring tastings this Saturday and Sunday October 13 and 14, 2012.

Of course, you can blend all the cassis and ciders from the numerous wineries available throughout the valley! Enjoy!

Hudson Valley Cider Producers:

Applewood Winery
Aaron Burr Cider
Breezy Hill Orchard & Cider Mill
Brookview Station
Enlightenment Ciders
Kettleborough Cider House
Montgomercy Place Orchards
Slyboro Cider House Warwick Valley Cider

Hudson Valley Cassis Producers:

Adair Vineyards
Brookview Station Winery
Clinton Vineyards
Glorie Farm Winery
Hudson-Chatham Winery
Tousey Winery
Tuthilltown Spirits
Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery

Cider Week celebrates hard cider by featuring it prominently in restaurants, bars, and retail shops. Nearly 100 top restaurants, bars and merchants in New York City and the Hudson Valley participated in 2011. Cider Week was launched by Glynwood, a non-profit agricultural organization in the Hudson Valley, as part of their larger Apple Project to enhance the viability of orchards by supporting the production of cider apples, hard cider, and apple spirits.

For more info go to:

The Hudson Valley wine scene is starting to emerge with several passionate and great stories…none of which is more exciting than the making and selling of quality artisanal cassis and black currant wine. Almost 20,000 bottles of artisanal cassis will be sold in the Hudson Valley this year! The Hudson Valley is the number one producer of artisanal cassis in North America and the Western Hemisphere. All of these are hand made wines, crafted by gifted artisans, and experiencing explosive growth. Word is getting out.

For more info go to:

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